Staying Hydrated: To Drink OR Not To Drink - A Trucker's Dilemma

Updated: Apr 11

When it concerns hydration, truck drivers appear to have a conflict of interest.

The majority of drivers believe they can not drink much water due to the fact that it will certainly cause more restroom breaks, which impacts not just their ability to make on-time deliveries, but also could have a potentially negative impact on their earnings. These issues are genuine, yet in reality, there are means to get proper hydration without causing too many restroom breaks.

Appropriate hydration is vital for trucker wellness-- and also for safety and security.

A 2015 research released in the journal Physiology & Behavior showed that driving while even mildly dehydrated is the same as driving intoxicated.


For truck drivers, that's an enormous issue. Dehydration might also result in psychological exhaustion, muscle mass pains, heat stroke, as well as kidney stones.

In addition, we know that we can live much longer without food than we can live without water. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water. In fact, our mind and heart are approximately 73% water; lungs are 83% water; kidney and muscular tissues are 79% water. This ought to paint a picture of how important and also essential water is for our bodies.

What does water really provide for our bodies?

Along with water being an essential nutrient for each and every cell in our bodies, water also manages our body temperature level, helps manage digestion, delivers proteins as well as carbs, produces saliva, flushes our contaminants and also lubricates joints.

While the study on just how much water we need daily seems to vary a bit, and likewise varies based on age, elevation, weight, sex and exercise as well as where you live, most wellness specialists agree that the ordinary male adult needs between 78 to 99 ounces of water per day, while the average adult women needs between 66 to 78 ounces of water per day.


My appeal goes to the trucking companies out there. They should all take on the responsibility of educating their drivers on the powerful impact water has on their business.

  • Trucking companies need to educate their drivers on the value of hydration and the signs of mild dehydration: completely dry or sticky mouth, drowsiness or exhaustion, less pee, dry skin, wooziness or impaired thinking.

  • Companies should offer truckers FREE water bottles. Water bottles with infusers are best because drivers can add vegetables and fruits for flavor, which raises not only the chance of them consuming water, it adds anti-oxidants and other health benefits.

  • You can suggest to your drivers to drink at least 16 to 24 ounces of water beginning 20 mins prior to coming to each major stop (ie. arriving at a shipper/receiver; reaching their 30-minute break or end of shift). This will ensure that most or all bathroom breaks do not requiring added stops.

  • Inform drivers on water-rich foods such as cucumbers, celery, watermelon, strawberries as well as grapefruit.

  • Educate drivers on causes of dehydration, including high-sodium foods such as fast food along with excess caffeine.

  • Ensuring drivers are healthy and balanced when driving.

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