Connect with one of our RDGNs (Registered Dietitians w/GOAL Nutrition) and learn more about how living a healthy lifestyle on the road is possible using our

Nutrition Network App.

Join our fast growing network of commercial transportation company owners and drivers who've committed to wellness, nutrition and a better way of life.

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What is the Nutrition Network?


Our RDGNs (Registered Dietitians w/ GOAL Nutrition) work with truck drivers who are committed to a healthier lifestyle while on the road. Through customized assessments our RDGNs can design a program that can fully nourish your mind and body  — without strict diets and food rules.

All of this is done using the Nutrition Network App.  The app contains a coaching calendar that is customized by your RDGN to set - easy to achieve - life changing goals.  The app also has several healthy recipes for truckers to prepare inside their own cab and videos to assist them with preparation.  Get healthier, save money and have more energy by controlling of what you eat.  

This isn't a diet - its a plan to help you change your relationship with food.


However, one of the most challenging environments to make these changes is life on the road.   Learn how to tune into your hunger and fullness cues in an environment that gives you limited choices for healthy meals.  Learn to trust yourself around all types of food and free your mind from obsessiveness. 

Our RDGNs will help you develop long-term enjoyable habits around food and movement to help you build energy and alertness for those long driving days, restful sleep so your body can regenerate faster and more confidence when facing DOT Medical Exams. 

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Get started with a FREE 20 Minute, no obligation discovery call with a RDGN. We’ll discuss your past dieting experiences, your relationship with food, your body and your goals for the future. If you feel there is a good match for counseling, the RDGN will explain how they can help you reach your goals, answer any questions about the process and help you choose a program that fits your personal and professional needs.



Based on the initial

consultation with your RDGN, you'll select a program that works best for you.  

Once the program begins, you'll see the bigger picture and what success will look like in the coming weeks.  Your RDGN will develop specific strategies for short term and long term achievements and will show areas of  progress. Lastly, a customized schedule will be created for you to follow which will help you change your outlook on food and movement to achieve your goals.



While following your program, you'll speak with your RDGN once a week for follow-up sessions and ongoing support and accountability. In these sessions, you'll discuss your progress, work through any barriers and introduce new strategies to help you move closer to your goals. You’ll receive resources and assignments between sessions as you follow your customized program to reinforce important concepts. 

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Becky Stephan, MS RD

Registered Dietitian, Michigan

Servicing all commercial transportation 

personnel nationwide

Jamie Neven, MS RD 

Registered Dietitian, Indiana

Servicing all commercial transportation 

personnel nationwide

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caroline profile photo2.png

Caroline Chess, RD LDN

Registered Dietitian, Illinois

Servicing all commercial transportation 

personnel nationwide

Download the Nutrition Network App

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Once you start one of are available programs and select a RDGN Partner, you will be given a link to download the Nutrition Network App.  This app has features that will help you achieve your personal health goals including:  

  • Weekly Calendar of GOALs and RDGN Consultation

  • Chat Features to communicate directly with your RDGN

  • Exclusive InCab Recipes 

  • Customizable Grocery Lists  

  • Rewards Program

  • Access to Supplement Store

  • Informational Videos