Commitment is what transforms 

a promise into reality for those you love.



As a trucker, making a decision to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle is easy.  


Living up to the discipline and commitment can be a bit more difficult.  When you feel your willpower slipping, it can be useful to remember the health advantages you're giving yourself that can avoid life-changing circumstances in the future.  


We offer products that can assist you with a healthy lifestyle and give you control on how you can purchase them.  If you want to subscribe to a product or wish to purchase just a single item from our store - you can.


Our subscriptions, however, are designed to help you make a commitment to better living and sustainability.  Also, as an incentive, if you subscribe to our products and make a commitment to your health - you receive DISCOUNT PRICING as a member of our community.



Subscriptions are not really about the saving money (though, you do).  They're about being true and committing to yourself and preparing your health for what ever may come in the future.


While most people think their health is personal and private, many fail to realize the impact YOUR health and well being may have on OTHERS.  Living a healthy lifestyle means:


  • A continued positive influence on those you know and work with.

  • Maintaining your safety as it affects those you love and share the road with.

  • Sustainability in your job affects thousands of people that rely on your deliveries as an important part of the economy to keep America moving.


Among the important merits of commitment is DECISION.


Taking ACTION is the first step...  and we are here to help you with that.  Making a DECISION to try out products and commit to a better life-style by reading our blogs, finding a way to get exercise....  even if it's just taking a walk - is the next step. 


It won't be very long before you see the benefits of having more energy, less anxiety and better sleep - which include spending more quality time with family and providing an example to others of how a healthy lifestyle can make a real difference.


We can give you some of the tools...  THE REST IS UP TO YOU.


Let's start with your first ACTION step...  


Visit our shop and subscribe to a product that best suits your needs and commit to a healthier lifestyle by becoming a member of our community.  


Click on the button below to begin.